Blue Moon Gin

The brief: To generate content for and manage Blue Moon Gin’s Instagram and Facebook pages. The Gin was known for being the most poured Gin in India. NV Group (the umbrella firm) had revamped the brand’s packaging and recipe, and we were tasked with it’s repositioning as a more current rendition of a classic imbued with nostalgia.

The first round of content was aimed at ‘making a splash’. Steve of Subcritical Productions and Adhira of Lumos Studio came together to make images and stop-motions of classic Gin cocktails in an unexpected and fresh way.

The tone was light-hearted, confident and classic.

The brand also wanted to enable customers to make unique recipes with Blue Moon Gin and their favourite Tonics that are available in the market.

We also created a host of engagement activities with giveaways, quizzes and word jumbles.

Blue Moon Gin became available in several cities once the 2020 lockdown was lifted. The latest round of content was an ode to each state where the Gin was available, as well as festivals where drinking is a part of celebrations.