About Us

LWD is an independent design studio based in New Delhi.

After having worked at a leading advertising agency, packaging firm and design studio Rupali Lamba and Rigzin Wangmo set up LWD in May, 2013. The aim was to make high-quality design solutions accessible to smaller businesses and to aid their growth through the same. LWD specialises in branding, packaging, communication, digital interfaces and social media content.


T H E  T E A M

Rupali Lamba


Parks | In-house astrologer and DJ | Lover of TV series |  Typograzi

Sudheer Pandey


Cricket | Current events | In-house Nostradamus | Closet chef

Ira Dayal


Original dilli-walla | Resident Cancerian | Baker by weekend | REALLY into Brett Lee and food videos

Rohit Saikia


Ramen | Remote connoisseur of stereotypes and orthodox Assam tea | Accident-prone | Main man at SuperPress.in

Ajay and Abhishek

New Recruits

Best friends | Kings of tech | Dog whisperers



Obsessed with Ira | Disliker of lap | Hater of hugs

On a side note, everyone is always asking us what LWD stands for. It is an abbreviation of the founders’ initials (Lamba and Wangmo) where LaWa means ‘to speak’ in Tibetan and together, LWD means ‘to speak design’.