The brief: To create a website, design communication and maintain the social media presence for Suryagarh, a unit of MRS Hospitality, located in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

The website needed to showcase the property as it was, a flourishing oasis in a rugged, arid landscape. To do visual justice to the experiences and spaces at Suryagarh, we were initially called upon to assist a shoot (by Atul Sharma) to build a photo bank for all further communication tools. The website can be viewed at

Once a basic bank was built, communication started being crafted. The language was sparse but luxurious, representing the context and Suryagarh.

The signature ‘hot-season’ flower; bougainvillea, which is also present at the property was used as a signature.

A host of formats for all selling points were created in the form of mailers, posts, ads and more.

The same language style is maintained on the Facebook and Instagram accounts, which we manage.