Little Black Book Delhi

The brief: To create an identity and a series of scalable design solutions for a growing content based website. All communication needed to be catchy, easy to navigate through and represent a wide spectrum of industries and interests without being confusing.

LWD - Little Black Book Delhi

The essence of the original Little Black Book logo was the brackets that captured the ‘unsaid’ things that Delhi (initially) was all about. We maintained the form and created a shape that could be placed by any city as was the brands expansion plan. The font became more glamorous and trendy and the colour, a mix of warm and cool.

LWD - Little Black Book Delhi

Digital Navigation tools: LBB became a website that connected with its readers through many touch points. There were Weekend Checklists, Giveaways, Quizzes, Shops, Events and various ‘series’ of content like LBBTests. All the categories were templatised in a way that they would not get monotonous or too like each other while maintaining consistency in design language.

LWD - Little Black Book Delhi Website

Taking LBB offline: We designed various print-collateral to reinforce the online promotions on the days of LBB events. Dessert Bazaar, Game Night, Superhero Party, Halloween, Gastro Bazaar, Palate Fest and Weekender, to name a few. The collateral included a wide-variety of things, from pins to posters, bags to backdrops and signage to stair graphics.

LBB Dessert Bazaar 2015

LWD - Little Black Book Delhi

LWD - LBB Dessert Bazaar

LWD - LBB Dessert Bazaar

More Event Creatives

LWD - Event Creatives

LBB Super Hero Party Coasters

LWD-LBB Super Hero Party Coasters

As the brand grew, the communication evolved. At every milestone, campaigns were built to communicate the next step to the consumer. The campaign for the launch of the LBB App below…

LWD - Campaign for the Launch of the LBB App